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Hydrophobic interaction chromatography of the conjugateZ-Scan method for measurement of bovine serum albumin

Changes in the refractive index of a solution during

The dependence of refractive index on the concentration and temperature in six kinds of aqueous solutions was investigated. The six solutions were three electrolyte solutions (NaCl, KCl, and CaCl2), a polar solution (glucose solution), a nonpolar solution (ethyl acetate solution), and a protein solution (bovine serum albumin solution). It was found that dn/dc decreased with temperature and dn. Refractive Index Database The table below contains links to refractive index data for common materials. Each material in the database has refractive index listed as a function of wavelength over a range typically required for thin-film thickness measurement 2 mg/vial BSA application(s) gel permeation chromatography (GPC): suitable Featured Industry Protein standard may be used for the calibration of detectors like refractive index detector or light scattering detector used in the size exclusion chromatographic analysis of proteins to determine their molecular weights of proteins and stoichiometry of the protein complex. Safety & Documentation. Key Words: Sugars, refractive index detection, lactose, glucose, galactose, carbohydrate column. Introduction Sugar analysis is a common industrial analytical requirement. It is particularly important in the analysis of food products such as milk. Though lactose is the main carbohydrate in milk (1) and was typically the only sugar of concern, recently interest has expanded in analyzing milk.

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The densities, refractive indices, and viscosities of ethyl acetate + 1, 2-propanediol binary mixture were measured at temperatures in the range of 298.15-323.15 K and atmospheric pressure using. Thermal aggregation of bovine serum albumin (BSA) has been studied using dynamic light scattering, asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation and analytical ultracentrifugation. The studies were carried out at fixed temperatures (60°C, 65°C, 70°C and 80°C) in 0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.0, at BSA concentration of 1 mg/ml. Thermal denaturation of the protein was studied by differential.

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Absorption and extinction coefficient theory. The velocity of propagation of a electromagnetic wave through a solid is given by the frequency-dependent complex refractive index N = n - ik where the real part, n is related to the velocity, and k, the extinction coefficient is related to the decay, or damping of the oscillation amplitude of the incident electric field The Refractive Index Calibration Procedure Figure 19 Syringe with Sample Filter 7 Lift the needle tip and carefully eject approximately 0.5 ml to remove air out of the syringe and to flush the needle. 8 Add the PEEK fitting to the needle tip and fix both at the flow cell inlet. NOTE Do not inject the calibration solution without the sample filter. 9 Slowly inject about 1.0 ml and wait for. The quantity dn/dc, also called the specific refractive index increment describes how much the refractive index of a polymer solution changes with respect to the concentration of the solute. Measurement of dn/dc is essential for the absolute characterization of the molar mass, since it is a term used in the molar mass calculation. Learn more by reading our application note. Read. Refractive Index of PbS, Lead Sulfide. Lead sulfide (also spelled sulphide) is an inorganic compound with the formula PbS. For a typical sample of PbS the refractive index and extinction coefficient at 632.8 nm are 4.33388 and 1.454715. Below are files of complete refractive index and extinction coefficients

Refractive index increments were measured following the batch-mode technique using an Optilab rEX refractive index detector (Wyatt Technology, Santa Barbara, CA) configured with a 685 nm fiber-optic laser diode source. The instrument measures differential refraction using a flow cell where the light path first passes through the sample containing the analyte then through a reference sample. In just one click, we measure thin-film thickness by analyzing how the film reflects light. By measuring light not visible to the human eye, films as thin as 1nm and as thick as 10mm can be measured. And, because there are no moving parts, results are available in seconds: film thickness, color, refractive index, and even roughness The Experiment Research on Solution Refractive Index Sensor Based on Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating December 2013 Guang pu xue yu guang pu fen xi = Guang pu 33(12):3425-3

Refractive index increment dndc for proteins, polymers SL

Refractive index & viscosity of FBS as well as PBS (pH 7

Singly Refractive GemsAcoustic metamaterials

Ultraviolet refractometry using field-based light

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Chemical structure of (a) the activated anti-BSA with EDC

What is Refractive Index Absolute Refractive Index Optical Density Explained Grade 10 Physics

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EP0073611A1 - Covalently bonded high refractive indexHow it works: Pyrex Glass vsOSA | Hybrid Fabry-Perot interferometer for simultaneousAggregation from Shear Stress and Surface Interaction
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